Things to Know About Using Compression Leg Sleeves

Compression garments can be an important tool for helping individuals manage their health problems or improve their performance during physical activities. In particular, compression leg sleeves can be a popular type of compression garment for individuals to use.

How Can a Compression Leg Sleeve Help?

For many individuals that suffer from circulation issues, fluids pooling in the legs can be a serious problem that they may experience. This can be extremely painful as it can lead to considerable swelling. The pressure from the compression garment will be able to offset this tendency. The exact amount of compression that will be needed for optimal results can vary based on the condition that the patient is experiencing. As a result, most individuals will want to be fitted for compression garments by their doctor. Otherwise, they may choose one that provides too much compression or that fails to provide enough.

Will You Have to Be Sedentary While Wearing the Compression Leg Sleeve?

Some patients may appreciate the potential benefits that they can enjoy by wearing leg sleeves, but they might assume that they will have to be sedentary while they wear these garments. Luckily, this is not the case as many compression leg sleeves are designed to be worn during activities. In particular, individuals that will need to stand for long periods of time will find that they can benefit greatly by wearing these garments while they are standing, walking, or otherwise on their feet. While it may feel a little uncomfortable to wear compression garments at first, most people will rapidly adjust to this sensation as long as the compression garments have been properly fitted to them.

Is It Hard to Keep Compression Leg Garments Clean?

A person's legs are likely to sweat a lot over the course of the day, and this can lead to the compression leg sleeves becoming very dirty and needing to be cleaned regularly. Fortunately, washing and drying compression leg sleeve garments will be fairly simple. Ideally, you will want to minimize the exposure of these garments to heat as this can reduce its effectiveness by warping its fabric and internal chambers. For this reason, you should always wash the leg compression sleeve in cold water, and allowing it to gently air dry. These cleaning steps will limit the wear that these garments experience so that you can use them for far longer before having to replace them.

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