Factors That Affect Chair Lift Installation Costs

When it comes to making accommodations for mobility challenges, one of the things that you may consider is installing a chair lift system. These are beneficial for those who are wheelchair dependent or unable to navigate stairs safely on their own. If you are considering such an installation, you might wonder what factors affect your installation cost. Here are a few of the things that you need to know.

Installation Location

The first thing to consider when you assess your installation quote is where you're having the chair lift installed. There are chair lift models available for indoor and outdoor installation. Installing a chair lift outside is typically more expensive than indoor installation because you usually need to cover a greater distance. Not only that, but there are unpredictable terrain considerations which can increase the cost as well.

Structure of the Lift

Another important factor in your installation cost is the structure of the lift system. If you're installing the chair lift on a stairway that has curves or other transitions, it will be more expensive than installation on a straight-rail stairway. Your chair lift installation contractor can help you explore your options based on the structure of the stairway so that you can understand your costs.

Style of the Lift

Many people are unfamiliar with the different varieties of chair lifts, but you'll find that your installation costs will vary depending on the style that you pick. A traditional chair lift features a seat integrated into the lift structure. You sit on the seat and use the controls to move up or down the stairs. For users in a wheelchair, this means moving from the wheelchair to the lift and then back again, but it may also mean needing a wheelchair on both levels.

You can avoid this if you choose a platform lift instead. These are designed to fit a wheelchair so you simply roll onto the platform and then the system operates in the same manner as the standard chair lift. Your installation contractor can explain how the different styles affect your installation cost, especially depending on how much space you have to work with around your stairway.

These are some of the factors that directly affect the cost of installing a chair lift. If you need a lift but you're working on a specific budget, understanding the choices that affect that cost can make it easier for you to get what you need. For more information on chair lift installation, contact a professional near you.