CPAP Travel Accessories

If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and recently purchased a small CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine that can be utilized while traveling, you may need some supplies that will keep the equipment clean and protected from damage. You should purchase some accessories that are easily transportable and that can be used predominantly when you are not at home.

Travel Wipes And Distilled Water

Cleaning the tubing and mask that is part of your CPAP equipment should be performed after every use. Purchase travel wipes that are designed to clean both sides of a mask and the external parts of the tubing and casing. If your equipment contains a built-in heated humidifier, the manufacturer of the equipment may suggest that distilled water be used to fill the humidifier's chamber.

Distilled water will prevent microbes from entering your mouth or nasal passageways and will prevent nose and sinus dryness. Wipes that are contained within a dispenser that seals can be placed inside of a carryon bag or tote that will be utilized while you are en route to your destination. If you are going to need to use your equipment while aboard an overnight flight, contact the airline to let them know your intentions. Most airlines will allow travel CPAP machines to be brought onboard, as long as they are stored within a travel bag.

Extra Batteries And An External Pack

If your machine is both electrically and battery-operated, having some extra batteries and an external battery pack will help you be able to use your equipment if you are in a location where there aren't electrical outlets. Charge your machine's original battery prior to leaving your home. Keep extra batteries and an external battery pack stored inside of a waterproof container. The container can be placed inside of the travel bag that the machine and other accessories are stored in.

A Cord Lift System

The cord that runs to a CPAP machine should remain stable while the equipment is turned on. Heavy sleepers may not be aware of the cord tugging if not enough slack is provided. A cord that is draped across the floor could also pose a tripping hazard. A cord lift system that is designed for travel purposes contains a lightweight base and body and can be folded up when not in use. Since all of the parts are connected, you will not need to worry about losing any of them.

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